Tatanka Bulls | Bull Terriers Breeder in São Paulo - Brazil | Get to know the Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier is a breed of dogs highly muscular and well built, known for its strong structure. They are fearless, courageous, active and fun dogs. Before long, they become attached to their owners and remain obedient and loyal to them. This is a good example of a family pet and with a little bit of supervision and leadership; they are a well-adjusted pet. On this page, I will share some tips for properly caring for your Bull Terrier.

1. Health and Feeding

All dogs need a quality and balanced diet to stay healthy. It is essential to follow the breeder's guidance regarding food or the guidance of your trusted veterinarian. Poor diet can cause vitamin deficiencies, development problems, among other problems related to food.

Bull Terriers can be prone to skin allergies. Therefore, periodic control against fleas and ticks is very important, as well as visits to the vet so that everything is always in balance.

2. Vaccination

You must receive your puppy with the first doses of vaccination - every responsible breeder must keep his animals vaccinated and only deliver dogs with all vaccines up to date. Just like deworming.

Check with the breeder and your veterinarian for proper vaccination and follow the guidelines correctly. Vaccination and deworming are very important for your pet's health and yours.

3. Training and Exercises

Bull Terriers are highly energetic dogs and need constant exercise to stay in shape and active. They should not be confined to small areas. They need to go jogging and exercise daily. From the beginning, they must be trained to become obedient and follow their leader's instructions. As they get attached to the owners quickly, they absorb instructions well and follow them without behavior problems. They need a little training and a firm but loving guidance to properly train them.

Regular exercise and running will keep you excited. In addition, your bubbling energy will be channeled into something positive.

4. General Care

The coat of a Bull Terrier is thick in texture, but smooth, shiny and short. Brushing weekly with a rubber scraper is more than enough to keep the coat healthy. When the molting season is at its peak, regular brushing can help in the process of changing the coat.

Nail care and dental hygiene are two aspects that need to be treated from time to time. Professional care services can also be used for this purpose. If your dog exercises on rough ground, runs and plays constantly, his nails will wear out normally. But it is important to trim and sand with a regular sequence to prevent them from overgrowing, causing problems for your dog. Dental hygiene can be maintained with special bones and toys designed for this purpose. But a veterinarian should also be consulted to verify the need for any eventual cleaning of tartar.

A trusted breeder should be sought to ensure a healthy puppy. As these dogs have strong jaws, it is recommended to add rubber toys to their routines that provide a complete exercise to the jaws.