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Criação Responsável Tatank Bulls

Being a responsible breeder demands hard work and dedication. It is being responsible and comitted to our dogs, the breed and future owners.

Our goal is to breed quality pure breed dogs, preserving characteristics and always prioritizing health and welfare of each Bull Terriers

Our dogs have ample space and have state-of-the-art infrastructure, care, veterinary assistance, periodic examinations guaranteeing. In addition, lots of affection and love from our family. We breed sociable and friendly dogs, with excellent bloodlines, genetics and healthy puppies.

The responsibility for the well-being of the dogs lies with the breeder but it is also yours. When buying a dog, make sure that the dogs are well cared for, have space, health and love. Require vaccination, deworming and pedigree certificates.

Our Bull Terriers puppies are delivered with:

  • Pedigree CBKC – only organ recognized by the Government of Brazil as a cinophile entity.
  • Microchip – your pet's ID.
  • Microchip Certificate.
  • Vaccination card
  • 1 dose of V10
  • Vermifugated
  • Stool examination
  • Blood examination
  • Health certificate issued by our veterinarian.
  • The puppy is delivered with approximately 45 days of life so that we have time to do all this protocol.
  • Sale Contract

Responsible breeding and ownership of several dogs is a lifestyle and a commitment that many cannot understand. 7 days a week and 365 days a year, with our lives revolving around dogs.

How much for a puppy?

Let me say a few words to you, yes, you, the person who writes an email to simply ask for the price. The caller that after hearing a price says surprisingly: "I can buy a puppy cheaper elsewhere". I also speak to you; the person who doesn't care about documents because I want "just a pet".

No dog is "just a pet".

Behind every purebred puppy / dog, there is a BREEDER. I am using capital letters to differentiate a breeder from a pet factory. A reputable breeder does not breed dogs without documents, which does not protect the integrity of the breed. Records (documents) are lineage records that document the lineage and allow researching possible health problems present in that lineage. When you tell a Breeder that you don't care about the documents, what you're really telling them is that you couldn't care less about the puppy's health, you just want the cheapest thing you can find! When you choose to buy a puppy from a reputable and quality breeder, that breeder is responsible for the health of each puppy; both dogs owned and all the puppies they sold for their entire lives. This breeder will skip holidays, miss sleep and most of the personal space in the house has been transformed into space for dogs. The truly passionate breeder who loves what he produces, puts all his heart and soul into it. Not only in the puppies sold, but also in each customer who has a piece of the heart and is now a member of his family. This does not take into account any puppy / dog that may become ill or need extra help to thrive. Breeders care about their babies after they leave and will get one back without question.

A breeder gets his hands dirty, usually covered with everything that accompanies delivery. Because that's what life is about ... In the middle of birth and death is life. The wheel that keeps turning. A breeder will perform tests, scans, x-rays, analyzes, emergency sections, vaccines, record litters, research pedigrees, worms removal, as well as microchipping their puppies and evaluating them by specialists.

Last but not least, a breeder chooses the family with the luck of having one of his puppies. Yes, you read that right. A true breeder chooses who to sell to because he is not making money from the sale. There is no compensation that can compensate for the investment a Breeder has made, so they need to make sure it is the right fit. Often saying no, then yes ... A good breeder will have different criteria for those who wish to continue their lineage, why? Since Breeding is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly, it is a lifestyle choice reserved only for the few dedicated people who want to sacrifice.

As a dog is never "just a pet", it is the legacy of the Breeder, a little boy's best friend, a little girl protector, a therapy for the elderly, a family member, someone's whole world !!!

Written in part by: Mr. Eduardo Loredo Muller
Translated by: Angel Sophia Nogga
Modified for dogs by: Amber French

The hand of a breeder

The hand of a breeder is the hand that calms the dog during delivery ...
It is the hand that caresses your belly to calm it during contractions ...
The hand of a breeder is the hand that makes the free way to let the puppies be born easier ...
It is the hand that does not tremble and is under the blood to help a puppy in difficulty.

A breeder's hand is the hand that breaks the puppies' pouch if not broken after birth ...
It is the hand that helps to rub and clean the puppies and helps their breathing.
A breeder's hand is one that tries to revive a puppy, but sometimes he has to give up when there is no heartbeat.
A breeder’s hand is the hand that cuts the umbilical cord when the mother doesn't ...

In addition, the breeder's hand is the one that weighs the puppy every day to see if everything goes well.
A breeder's hand is the hand that brings a puppy closer to the mother while the mother looks at you with confidence ...
The hand that rubs the breast, so that the breast milk is activated ...
The hand of a breeder is the one that rubs in the eyes and fights fatigue and sleeps after a few days without falling asleep.

It is the hand that gives bottles of milk day and night when there is very little production.
A breeder's hand is the one that takes the lost puppy back to its mother, the one that plays with the puppy to socialize, the one that teaches the puppy to switch to solid nutrition.
The hand of a breeder is the hand that takes care of the little ones when it doesn't go well with them
A breeder's hand is the hand you have entrusted to your future puppy in the hope that everything will go well.

A breeder’s hand is the hand that is ready day and night to answer all your questions if you have any questions about anything.
For all these and many other things, the next time you shake hands with a breeder, think about everything the hand did with love.

Today Cynophily Cries!

Today the Brazilian Cynophily cries. The breeder cry. The people who dedicate their days, nights, weeks, months, whole years to the breeding of the most beautiful puppies cry.

Dogs of secular lineages, who, if it were not for the hard and serious work of the breeders, would be lost in time.

Breeders who dedicate themselves full-time to their dogs, who treat them better than their children, who spend nights awake so that they are beautiful enough to permeate the dreams of children and others not so children.

The handlers cry, the keepers cry, the judges cry, all those who love a purebred dog cry and get involved in some way in its breeding and preservation.

Today Cynophily Cries!
Weeps for other breeders, birds, fish, rodents, horses, cattle, mules, goats, pigs and all other species.

Today Cynophily Cries!
Today Cynophily Cries because some politicians who, in exchange for a handful of votes, intend to end a centuries-old profession, with a commercial market that earns R $ 35 billion a year in the country. It generates millions in taxes, taxes used to pay the wages of these same politicians.

It cries because in a country, which is going through one of its most severe financial crises, politicians are proposing to end 2 million jobs between formal and informal, in exchange for a handful of votes.

Weeps for the risk of losing second place in the world pet market, hard won.

It weeps for the 140 million Brazilians who have a pet at home and who, over time, will no longer be able to have the company of purebred dogs.
It cries for veterinary clinics and hospitals that will have fewer customers and consequently lower their doors.
It also cries for the risk of closing more than 162 thousand commercial establishments.
It cries, too, for the more than 570 thousand breeders who will lose their professions.
It weeps for veterinary students from more than 270 schools who, after graduating, will find severe difficulties in engaging in the job market.

Today Cynophily Cries!
Not for the dog-food factories that will lose their precious trade without having even been involved for a minute in the defense of their partners, but cries for the BRAZILIAN AGROBUSINESS, severely threatened by these laws, which will stop selling precious quantities of grains for the production of pet food .
It cries, for the BRAZILIAN AGRIBUSINESS, which will stop selling absurd quantity of kids and products of animal origin to manufacture pet food, due to these absurd laws.

WILL NO ONE CARE, IN exchange for a handful of votes, that more and more companies are closed and more and more jobs are lost ???
Politics is really rotten!

Today Cynophily Cries!
It cries because people, taking advantage of the moment when the animal cause is on display, applaud and follow ideas of people who have no knowledge of the animal cause, as they do not even know how to raise their children and use this flag to earn money.
It weeps for some NGOs that claim to protect animals, but that do not even collect an abandoned stray dog.
It weeps for these institutions that seek only purebred dogs, as they are the most sought after for adoption and that bring money and visibility.
Cry even more, because the BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT does not see what is happening.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It weeps because politicians, who should be striving for the education, safety, health and well-being of their peers, are turning these ideas into political ideals, in exchange for a handful of votes, to stay in office. All for one more vote and one more term, without worrying even a second about the country's situation.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It weeps for the risk that these laws represent for the preservation of species.
It weeps for the risk of extinction of breeds developed years ago by man to assist him in the most diverse jobs, from herding and companionship to guarding and protecting his physical integrity, his families and their homes.

Today Cynophily Cries!
For the parents and children of people involved in disasters, as they will not be able to count on the precious assistance of rescue dogs.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It weeps for the police and good people who will not be able to count on the hard work of the police dogs to locate and seize drugs, to locate and arrest bandits.
He weeps for the Military Police, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, who will no longer be able to maintain their kennels.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It cries for the blind and those with special needs, who cannot count on the help of a guide dog or companion to live fully.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It cries for the country he saw and made it grow, which he believed to be a country of free and happy people, when he sees that the word EDUCATION
The is being REPLACED by the word PROHIBITION.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It cries to see that the Government is not getting involved in the animal cause because he is afraid of losing votes for the next election, even though he is aware of the large market that will end and the impact that this will have on the country's economy.

Today Cynophily Cries!
Weeps for the countless bills that swarm in assemblies across the country, aimed at banning the creation of pets, with purely electoral intent.
It weeps for not attracting the attention of a single politician who sees the good we do, the dreams we create, because defending the ban gives more votes and more media than defending serious creation and regulation.
It cries to see the production of laws without any sense, since, since 1934, animals have been protected by law.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It cries to see, that the people involved in the said animal cause do not even care about the future of this Nation and that the politicians who support them follow the same path.

Today Cynophily Cries!
It weeps for the regulated and honorable profession of DOG BREEDER to be thrown in the trash by some and others who don't even know what they are talking about.

Today Cynophily Cries!
Today Cynophily bleeds, but that weeping will not be in vain, tears will dry up and wounds will close.

This weeping will be transformed into a struggle, this struggle will be transformed into a smile, when, at last, we can see on the face of a child or another, not so much a child, the love awakening when having a dog in your company. All of this will pass.
Not without casualties.
But it will pass.
It will pass because we are many! Because we are strong! We are forged by barking and howling! We are forged with bites and scratches! We are forged by the love of a purebred dog!
We are dog breeders, we are dream producers! Our work praises the existence and permanence of the human race on planet Earth!
Our work generates love!
Don't judge us without knowing us.
We are not criminals.
Our profession is worthy.
Our mission even more!
Meanwhile, the cynophily cries!

What is a Dog: It is Just a Pet

Not long ago, someone asked me:
Do you stop traveling because you have no one to leave your pet with?
I smiled, because that someone just doesn't understand what it is: - just a little animal.

Every now and then I hear someone say, "Stop it! It's just an animal / animal!"
Or: "But it's a lot of money to spend on it ... it's just an animal!"
These people are unaware of the path taken, the time spent or the costs that mean "just an animal".

Or: "But it's a lot of money to spend on it ... it's just an animal!"
These people are unaware of the path taken, the time spent or the costs that mean "just an animal".

Many of my best moments were brought to me by "just an animal".
For many times in my life, my only company was "just an animal"

Many of my sadnesses were mitigated by "just an animal".
And in the darkest days, the touch of "just an animal" gave me the strength to move on.

And if you are one of those who think he is "just an animal", you must also understand the expressions "just a friend", "just a sun", "just a promise" etc ... "Just an animal" gave my life the true essence of friendship, trust and happiness.
"Just an animal" brings out compassion and patience, which make me a better person.

Because for me and for people like me, it is not "just an animal", but the incorporation of all dreams and hope for the future.
From fond memories of the past; of the pure happiness of the present moment.

"Just an animal" brings out the good in me and dissolves my thoughts and the worries of my day.

I hope that someday, people will understand that it is not "just an animal", but what makes me more human and allows me not to be "just a man". So, the next time you hear the phrase "it's just an animal", just smile at these people because they just don't understand."

❤️️Love these "pets".
They are not "just", nor "animals", they are beings with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, which many so-called "human" beings do not have.
It would be very sad to say: "he's just a human being".❤️

Oscar José