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Quem Somos - Tatanka Bulls TATANKA BULLS began with an old passion for dogs. These captivating and loving animals have always been part of my life. In 2002, I had a closer experience with the BULL TERRIER and I was enchanted by the breed's temperament, type, structure and energy!

Over time, I realized that this breed is often misunderstood. There is a lot of prejudice about the breed: aggressive dogs, dangerous for children and crude attitudes. But in reality, a Bull Terrier of good origin, with pure blood lines and with a good breeding, are extremely playful dogs, dogs that love and respect their owner, full of energy. A breed that interacts very well with children, animals, full of patience and very affectionate. A Bull Terrier is a great companion dog, which is always ready for the activity that its owner chooses!

My oldest son, has had fun with the breed since he was 2 years old. My youngest daughter, since she was born, had contact with our Bull Terriers and is totally in love with the breed and with our dogs, who play, entertain and protect our little one!

A strong, rustic and resilient breed! A breed created to take down BULLS! The inspiration for the name and philosophy of our kennel comes from the native Sioux, indigenous people of North America, who respect and honor “TATANKA”, the bull as a symbol of survival and resistance for the tribe. Our official name is “Iyotake Tatanka” which means bull sitting in the Sioux language.

Our mission at Tatanka Bulls is to bring the best bloodlines from renowned breeders and do a job of perpetuating the main characteristics of this incredible breed here in Brazil. Tatanka Bulls currently have bloodlines imported from England, Argentina, Serbia and Italy. In our squad, we already have Junior Champions, Uruguayan Champions and National ranking winners: 1# Puppy Bull Terrier in Brazil 2019 (CBKC), #1 Junior Bull Terrier in Brazil 2019, #4 Bull Terrier in Brazil 2019 and #2 Junior Bull Terrier in Brazil 2019 (DogShow). Our dogs already won several nationwide shows and our history is just beginning!

Erit Mantovani - Tatanka Bull

Assinado Erit Mantovani - Tatanka Bulls